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Electric Heating

Electricity is the fuel of the future for heating requirements. At Eden Hearth & Home we offer complete electric heating solutions for your home, office, or conservatory. We have an amazing range of electric radiators which are energy efficient and  a smart way to heat your home. They can even be controlled from your smartphone giving you complete control at your fingertips.

Take a look at the electric radiator options we offer for you and your home. We can provide you with all the information you need and our professional installers will carry out a full survey of your property to identify which would be the best type of heating for your requirements. We also offer a full fitting service too, fully backed by our warranty and product guarantee.

Benefits of Electric Heating

  • Low cost systems and installation costs
  • No unsightly pipework
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimal disruption
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Totally Controllability

Forget overnight storage heaters and inefficient convector heaters. Our heating solutions are streets ahead of the rest.

The Vanguard Aluminium

The Vanguard range is manufactured in lightweight Aluminium and offers a fast heat transfer to the radiant surface area.


electric-heating-cornwall-02All the radiators are manufactured using the very latest technologies. The digital electronic thermostats are highly accurate ensuring optimum control and economy. The environmentally friendly and recyclable fluid heats rapidly and naturally circulated to heat the whole surface area of the radiator. The fluid will never freeze and protects the radiator from internal corrosion making them ideal for holiday homes, conservatories and outside buildings.


There are three outputs to choose from in this range 600 watts, 1200 watts and 1800 watts.

Energy Saving Technology

The digital electronic thermostat is hidden at the top of the radiator so it does not spoil the good looks and allows you to operate the programmer without having to bend down or get on your knees. It has built in capability for programing  times and temperature requirements meaning  that only the energy absolutely needed is used. It also features 9 pre set programmes to suit most lifestyles for easy use. Each hour of the day can be set if required to allow complete control of the individual room temperature and energy use. The thermostat accuracy is an amazing  +/-0.2 degrees centigrade.

This product carry’s a 5 Year Guarantee.

The Digi Line

electric-heating-cornwall-03The Digi Line radiator appears to be just any ordinary radiator but has some very clever features installed.This British made electric radiator has an internal microchip which will maintain the room temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 deg centigrade. This ensures minimum energy usage  and optimum comfort. Each thermostat has a radio frequency receiver built in to allow for central programming  from a 4 zone central programming unit without the need for messy wiring.

Each radiator can be used independently with the integral digital thermostat or centrally controlled if preferred.  The Digi Line radiator features an energy saving open window sensor which will automatically shut itself off to save energy from being wasted if a window is left open. The programmer can be wall or surface mounted and is lockable to protect your preferred programmes from being tampered with.


The Digi Line comes in a wide range of sizes and heat outputs and offers a single or double panel option. The fluid will never freeze and protects the radiator from internal corrosion making them ideal for holiday homes, conservatories and outside buildings.

This product carry’s a 10 year Guarantee.







The AeroFlow

The German manufactured Aeroflow radiators are a perfect solution for all “Hard to Heat” situations.

No more predicting the weather as with the old fashioned night heaters. Aeroflow radiators provide heat exactly where you need it at exactly the time you want it. They do not dry the air as night heaters and convectors do and there are no exposed elements to worry about.

Areoflow radiators have a number of fireclay heat plates in the centre of the radiator. Each plate has a coiled heating element totally buried within it. The elements are low wattage so when combined together in the radiator it will provide heat within minutes. The hot plate transmits heat to the metal casing and flutes of the radiator which the heats the room by radiated heat, in the same way a conventional central heating radiator operates. But the Areoflow has the advantage of powerful convection through the hollow flutes unlike a conventional  radiator.


Unlike night storage heaters which require an overnight charge the Aeroflow can be used anytime night or day. They are designed to run on standard electricity tariffs. They are manufactured to the highest engineering standards in the most modern factory of which German engineering is renowned.


Features & Benefits

The Aeroflow radiator has the most up to date technology built in. They have an option of a radio frequency thermostat which can be operated by remote control and recently by your smart phone.
The remote sends the operating signals to the radiators allowing easy use all around the home. Each remote can operate single or multiple radiators at a time or you can operate the radiators from one central point instead of having to go to each individual radiator when changes are required.

They are available in a range of heat outputs to suit every room and can also be mounted on casters for complete flexibility.

This product has a 30 Year Guarantee.


Eden Hearth & Home

Our fitting teams are Gas Safe (Corgi Registered) and we offer a free survey to anyone placing an order with us

We will co-ordinate every thing for you including the delivery and fitting of your new fireplace, or furniture in Cornwal. Our fitting teams can also carry out all types of gas work, plastering, electrics, tiling and solid fuel installations, we can even arrange for your carpet to be re fitted once your new fireplace has been installed.

Please feel free to browse through our ranges. These are just a sample of the products and services we offer. Alternatively call in to our showroom where Tracy or Tony will be happy to help you with any information and pricing you need.

Our comfortable modern showroom has lots to offer including the latest energy efficient fires which are live on display for you to try before you buy.